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Introduction - About Norman Hurt

by Bob Hurt

The below links take you to articles, speeches, scripts, and sales aids written by Norman Hurt of Quality Water Systems of Texas in Houston and Conroe. Norman bought a Rainsoft water treatment system over 22 years ago and liked its benefits so much he decided to share them with others. Now he has been a Rainsoft salesman or sales manager for more than two decades.

Credentials? All the Way to the Top

While those should be credentials enough, that's not all there is to say. Norman's sales have been so stellar as to propel him to the position of #1 outside salesperson for Rainsoft (2000) and keep him in the top ten in the five years since. He is regularly called upon to present his wisdom in speeches at Rainsoft sales conventions. He has written several articles for Water Technology magazine. His office is arrayed with numerous trophies and placques attesting to his sales accomplishments. He is a WQA-Certified Water Quality Specialist. He wears a domed Rainsoft ring encrusted with 4 diamonds, attesting to his 7-time membership in the Rainsoft President's Advisory Council. And, because of the management style in his office, his sales team is one of the best in the world - most of them have worked for the company for 5 years or longer, so there is virtually no turnover. Thus, he can spend most of his time selling instead of training new sales associates.

What it Takes to Be #1

Why does all this matter? First of all, Norman Hurt knows what he is talking about when it comes to selling Rainsoft Water Treatment Systems, so you should pay attention to what he has to say. He knows how to give the customer a fair deal and a great value. His sink demo is absolutely first-class, and I know this for a fact because I have run a number of sales leads with him and observed his performance first hand. Norman is an astute manager of people and at the same time he is a hard-working lead-runner who never hesitates to go for a Saturday or Sunday lead. He is so skilled at his presentation and at closing sales that he can excuse himself from a family gathering, and return in a couple of hours, barely missed, with a signed contract in his hand and a huge smile on his face.

He Simply NEVER Gives Up

Norman Hurt is immune to disappointment and impervious to defeat. Nothing gets him down, even when market trends tend to suppress business. He has a great sense of fair play, good humor, and eagerness to help others. These characteristics make friends wherever he goes.

"I just count the driveways," Norman once remarked to me when I asked how he felt about losing a sale. He knows his business is based on the statistics of running leads. He closes about 2 out of every 3 presentations he makes. Thus, he knows that if he runs the marketing department's leads with sincere expectation of closing a sale, he will have a high closing average. He is sincere about his work, he follows it with right action, and that is what makes him #1.

He Gives Credit to Others for His Success

Norman Hurt seems constantly to be looking for ways to credit others for their contributions to his success. Every time he goes on stage at a Rainsoft convention to accept his awards, he says he owes it all to his marketing manager Luis Palacios and fabulous marketing team for giving him the best leads in the world. He told me just the other day that were it not for the business genius and gracious manner of his boss Bill McGraw, he wouldn't even be in the Rainsoft business. And he credits his office manager Carl Brenner for backing him up when he is in negotiations with the prospect, and giving him excellent closing techniques. He credits the finance manager for creative financing that keep is deals sold, and the service manager for trouble-free installations that keep customers satisfied. As a result, all of those team members love to help him be successful.

How Sincerity and Right Action Pay Off

Norman Hurt nearly always has a smile on his face because he is a happy man. Why shouldn't he be? He routinely earns over $100,000 per year and he only works part time. His boss Bill McGraw claims not to want any salespersons to show up in the office till after lunchtime, so Norman normally goes into the office after noon, well-rested, and eager to start his work day.

Why I am Proud of Norman Hurt

It gives me pleasure to present these items written or co-written by Norman Hurt. As his older brother, I am proud of him and his accomplishments, and for picking a profession in which he can really help people without being a workaholic. I am proudest of all that as a Rainsoft Water Treatment System salesperson, he does not just sell water softeners, but he sells water conditioners that solve people's water problems, and he always gives them a good deal for their money. In my opinion there is no higher ambition than to deliver unselfish, loving service to one's fellows. I am proudest of Norman because he is such a consummate professional in doing exactly that.


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    Created on ... April 12, 2005